“If you want to be challenged, haunted, and provoked…

Brenna Geffers will open your eyes and make you ponder”
-  DC Metro


“A theater artist who has extraordinary vision and a gift of creativity”   – WAMC Northeast Public Radio


“This production, directed with great imagination by Brenna Geffers, offers a master class in expressionism onstage."  - Philadelphia Inquirer


“Visually stunning production… superbly realized on every level” David Anthony Fox


“An exciting and unusual theatrical experience... Emotionally powerful yet unapologetically intellectual” - Talkin’ Broadway


“The work here is sensational, with many stage pictures I’ll remember for months, even years to come.” Philadelphia Magazine


“Director Brenna Geffers’ excellent staging reveals the rough-hewn poetry in the story” City


“Director Brenna Geffers has found an exciting, highly theatrical style” -  Philadelphia Inquirer


“A stunningly theatrical original work. Geffers is especially good at translating scenes into stylized visuals. Image after image lives on in memory” Philadelphia Magazine


“An expressionistic Masterpiece” - DC Metro


“A one-minute lesson in picturesque storytelling” Philadelphia Magazine




“It's stunning production, just opened under Brenna Geffers' superb direction, makes the play both relevant and riveting.” - Philadelphia Inquirer

“Geffers pushes them to full-on expressionism and beyond. Movement is highly stylized, sometimes recalling the modern dance vocabulary of Mary Wigman and others.” Philadelphia Magazine


“The freshest, most daring show in town.” Philadelphia Magazine


“It's altogether remarkable that Geffers managed to stuff all this so enjoyably into a short time” – Philadelphia Inquirer


“I would gladly have stayed on to see this gorgeous show a second time.” Philadelphia Magazine


“Never less than fascinating” -Talkin’ Broadway


“Director Geffers lifts the lid off…it sharpens the sense that we are viewing this world the way women see it” - City Paper


“This is bold, experimental work.”- Philadelphia Inquirer

“One of the most audacious productions at this year’s Fringe Festival”- Philadelphia Weekly


 “Director Brenna Geffers showed a bit of boldness when casting only women… The writing sparkles with vivid metaphor “ - Philadelphia Inquirer


“In keeping with her innovative approach to new theater, Geffers’ production features an all-female cast that challenges the stereotypical view”- Philadelphia Weekly


"Dark and complex, and given a committed, ambitious production... an engrossing, worthwhile and unique experience."–City Paper



 “Geffers creates a world that is theatrical and exotic and fun,” – Philadelphia Inquirer

Cabaret 4.jpg

"It’s a good bet that Geffers’ staging of Knives is unlike any show you’ve ever seen...an intoxicating, almost hypnotic effect"–Philadelphia Weekly


“A production staged by director Brenna Geffers with ever-increasing inventiveness… each performance is deeply moving” Talkin’ Broadway

“Director Brenna Geffers… again synchronizes a complex play to just pulse from within.” -Edge Magazine


"Brenna Geffers directs with a deft hand and her production strikes the proper tone of melancholy." -Philadelphia Weekly


“If Marat/Sade owes its success to any one person, the credit must go to director Brenna Geffers….Geffers understands how to build a story around movement better than most Philadelphia choreographers.” –Broad Street Review


 “Careful, astute direction by Brenna Geffers resurrects the bones of Beckett’s existential classic, Waiting For Godot, into a drama that’s fresher and more exciting than the raft of “new” plays currently on Philadelphia stages.”- Broad Street Review


“This brilliant production of Buchner’s Woyzeck … Director Brenna Geffers has used that freedom very well, creating a highly stylized and highly disciplined drama”- The Philadelphia Inquirer



“It was so disturbing to watch, you could hear a pin drop in the theater. Director Brenna Geffers makes skillful use of freeze-frame white-outs at scene changes.”- City Paper